Engaging Athletics Donation Platform

Experience a one-stop solution for managing your fanbase, crafting your NIL story and driving contributions.

Who we are

As a central tech platform for NIL contributions, NIL Captain focuses on your school’s fanbase to drive donations. By selling your NIL story and engaging with your fans through ongoing digital marketing capabilities, NIL Captain will become your best recruitment tool.

Digital Marketing & Purpose Driven Design

We will design your school NIL page that clearly communicates your message and converts fans into contributors. Using NIL Captain's comprehensive digital marketing suite, we will constantly engage with your fans though email and retargeted social media ads.

Contribution Platform & Alumni Management

NIL Captain's tech will take care of offering a collection of contributions including one-time donations, recurring membership fees and raffles in both credit card and ACH formats. Extensive management of alumni included.

Engage Your Fanbase

Let us take care of telling your NIL story. We put an emphasis on driving user engagement so that you can turn your most rabid fans into contributors.

Marketing Solutions

Comprehensive Marketing Suite

Our digital marketing integration will help sell your NIL Story and engage your fans throughout the season.

Contact Us

For more information on how to help your collective, please reach out below.

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